Afectados (Afected)

Audiovisual made in 2010 for the promotion of Maria Ruano’s clothing collection called “Afectados” (Affected). The creative idea was developed with her and it consists of a violent dialogue between two individuals through masculine and feminine layers of stereotypes in pursuit to find themselves.

With the collaboration of Madrid’s branch of Instituto Europeo di design (IED), the video was shown at Cibeles Fashion Week and at London Fashion Week.




I hand drew the video’s storyboard. It was really handy during the shooting despite some shots had to be discarded because of time. The photography director did a really great job translating them to screen. He didn’t want to be over-influenced by the storyboard, and so sometimes asked me to describe what I wanted instead of looking at the boards. Either way, he totally captured the essence of the drawings.

Costume Design: Maria Ruano
Models: Saul Aldea, Carolina Zuluaga
Direction Assistant: David Ceballos
Cinematography: Victor
Camera:David Echeverria
Camera Assistant: Javier Santiveri
Music: Axier Ruiz Tens
Direction: Ivan Miguel