Bravissimo Music Lab

Identity Image

A logo and an Identity Image developed for Bravissimo Music Lab, a music school, think tank and laboratory with music as center. Located in Cadiz (Spain), the goal of the work was to develop a distinctive image all its own.


What instrument would you use to illustrate a school for all kinds of musicians? The one that all good ones use: The heart.

The extra element that differentiates the good from the excellent. The main rhythm which all of us carry inside us. A real heart, accurate and loyal to reality, communicating with the world through music. You put all your heart in creating and playing great music, but also in listening to it. At both sides of music there must be a heart to enjoy it, playing or hearing as this logo does.

The BACH Motif

Early in the development phase came up the idea of having a music jungle, something of short musical identity logo that we could illustrate graphically. The client proposed to use the BACH motif.

In music, the BACH motif is the motif, a succession of notes important or characteristic to a piece, B flat, A, C, B natural. In German musical nomenclature, in which the note B natural is written as H and the B flat as B, it forms Johann Sebastian Bach’s family name. One of the most frequently occurring examples of a musical cryptogram, the motif has been used by countless composers, especially after the Bach Revival in the first half of the 19th century.

Every musical note has an equivalent to a specific sound frequency in hertz, which is translatable to a line curve with its frequency oscillation. Above can be seen the correspondent ones to the BACH motif. Combining these curves we obtain some patterns to use throughout the entirety of the identity image, trying to bind the musical and visual sides as much as possible.



Icons & Courses

Up to 30 different icons were designed for the courses of the school, as well as the composition for limited workshops.