Brooklyn Youth Chorus

Mission video

Brooklyn Youth Chorus wanted a video that would briefly explain their goal and milestones as an organization. Having being provided by footage of different sources and an overall script, my role consisted in developing the structure and edit of the the video. A journey that tell us emotionally who they are and what they stand for.

Brooklyn Youth Chorus “Mission” video

Spring Gala Invitation

For their Spring Gala, Brooklyn Youth Chorus wanted an invitation card to be sent to their partners and members. Together with Andrea Arevalo, was created a modular colorful design, easy to apply to the different sizes it was needed for (later on was used for posters, banners…etc)

Invitation card

The physical invitation had an translucent vellum page with the name of the honorees. We designed those overlapping panels with a photo that, integrated to the part of the design it was inserted in, added color to the the images beneath it.

Invitation card’s elements

Close up

Annual Gala Invitation in mobile format