World Perspective Day

100cameras, backed by an impressive group of brands
(VSCO, Conscious Magazine, Apolis, ONA bags… among others) approached us with the big challenge of designing and animating a 30 second animation for
Times Square’s Nasdaq and Routers screens.

The catch: A 2-day turnaround.
The reason: World Perspective Day.

World Perspective Day, celebrated for the first time in 2017, is a day for people all around the world to show their vision and share all the ways in which we are similar or unique.

Teaming up with Andrea Arevalo, we developed the concept of using photos taken by 100cameras’ volunteers. A way to reward them for their selfless work and exposing their own vision of the world in the great frame that is Times Square.


World Perspective Day screens in Times Square (recreation)

A recreation of the experience that could be seen every hour for two weeks in Times Square

Concept: Ivan Miguel
Design: Andrea Arevalo & Ivan Miguel
Animation: Ivan Miguel

Emission Day

On the 17th of March, the animation was shown for the first time in a loop for 15 minutes. We joined in for an event that gathered the members and associates of 100cameras for a very special moment in their lives: showing all of New York City their own perspective of the world. An exciting moment for all involved.

Emission Day Video

Motion Graphics:


Teaser Video

Before the kick-off event happened, it was advanced on 100cameras' social media through the following video, inviting their audiences to enjoy the launch celebration with them. 100cameras followers were attracted by the post and showed up in Times Square the day of the event.

Animation & Design: Ivan Miguel

Explanatory Animation

After the initial Times Square launch, some 100cameras followers expressed confusion about what had to be done on World Perspective Day itself. The following video was produced in a way to clearly explain what this day was about and how to participate in it.

Animation& Design: Ivan Miguel

Logo Redesign

The client was impressed with the imagery of the eye and the world in the animation. I was asked to create the official logo of the event. Here the redesigned logo in its 3 possible variations.

3 Different uses of the World Perspective Day main logo