Design Bootcamp- Frames

This work was created as homework assignments for the Intensive Design Bootcamp course from School of Motion, Inc. All work is speculative, and created for educational purposes and for keeping polished my design skills. Every brief had to be developed and delivered in an average of 4 days.

-Exercise 1-

Urban Freestyle: Tokyo Throwdown

The exercise consisted in designing frames for a 30-second bumper of a hypothetical hip-hop dance TV show: two teams of dancers defy each other on the streets, to the tune of local hip-hop music. This season happened in Japan and the brief asked to catch some of the essence of the hosting country. My approach was a battle scene with the style of vintage manga covers and 80's Japanese advertising style, giving a fantastic big dimension to the dance battle.

Urban Freestyle: Tokyo Throwdown- Frame 1

Urban Freestyle: Tokyo Throwdown– Frame 2

Urban Freestyle: Tokyo Throwdown- Frame 3

Urban Freestyle: Tokyo Throwdown- Frame 4

Urban Freestyle: Tokyo Throwdown- Frame 5

Urban Freestyle: Tokyo Throwdown- Frame 6

Urban Freestyle: Tokyo Throwdown- Roll up

-Exercise 2-

Expedition 100: Mission to Mars

In this exercise, we were required to develop a 30-second bumper for a hypothetical TV show on the NASA channel. The TV show documented what would be the first expedition sent to colonize Mars. Among the requirements of the brief were developing some tech imagery and color treatment of their imagery. In my approach I tried to empathize the epic of the event, with dusty shots that could be taken from the conquer of the far west- a close approach to the one Bradbury took in his “Martian Chronicles”.

Exp100: Mission to Mars- Frame 1

Exp100: Mission to Mars- Frame 2

Exp100: Mission to Mars- Frame 3

Exp100: Mission to Mars- Frame 4

Exp100: Mission to Mars- Frame 5

Exp100: Mission to Mars- Frame 6

Exp100: Mission to Mars- Roll up

-Exercise 3-

Sprint: Unlimited High-Speed Data

The exercise consisted in developing broad art direction for a Sprint campaign, based on an unlimited high-speed data plan. Three clearly different (but on-brand) style-line boards had to be created expressing the concept, which would later be applied by a large team in various media forms. The boards had to be giving open references, all taken from Pinterest, but creating a very focused conceptual idea in a way that someone would have room to design, but stay within the confines of the rest of the team.

SPRINT: Unlimited High-Speed Data- Board 1
/ Repetition

SPRINT: Unlimited High-Speed Data- Board 2
/ Youniverself

SPRINT: Unlimited High-Speed Data- Board 1
/ No limit people

Later on, an offer page had to be designed in the style we liked more. Following up the first concept, the idea of this frame consisted in the girls scrolling infinitely while, like a gif, they reveal their surprised faces behind the hands in a perpetual loop.

SPRINT: Unlimited High-Speed Data
Board 1 application offer page

-Exercise 4-

Diesel: Dance Planet

In this exercise, we had to create stills for an EDM festival in Barcelona hosted by DIESEL. The following had to coexist in the frames: the vibe of Barcelona, the tropes of electronic music and some basic elements of the brand.

I decided to use a tone of blue that was one of the most used color of the DIESEL brand but also linked with Barcelona’s sky and sea, and then boosted the psychedelia and fun of the electronic environment and added the characteristic outer frames to the visual that their campaigns used to have.

Also, the brief contains the inside joke of having used the name of known people in the motion learning scene as DJ’s. I kept up the idea by using available images of them to represent their DJ personas.

Diesel: Dance Planet – Frame 1

Diesel: Dance Planet – Frame 2

Diesel: Dance Planet – Frame 3

Diesel: Dance Planet – Frame 4

Diesel: Dance Planet – Frame 5

Diesel: Dance Planet – Frame 6

Diesel: Dance Planet – Frame 7

Diesel: Dance Planet – Frame 8

Diesel: Dance Planet – Roll up

-Exercise 5-

12 km: Movie Trailer

The next exercise consisted in creating the visual treatment, text locks and transition for the trailer of an existing movie: 12km. A movie which develops in 80's Russia where a group of scientists and miners dig into the ground, only to start hearing voices from below. The brief asked for a gritty treatment in the mood of Carpenter’s “The Thing”. My approach consisted in transforming the whole trailer in a journey from the surface to the core of the danger, 12 km into the ground.

12KM- Frame 1

12KM- Frame 2

12KM- Frame 3

12KM- Frame 4

12KM- Frame 5

12KM- Frame 6

12KM- Frame 7

12KM- Roll Up

For the exercise it was partly used footage properly of Mike Pecci. To know more about the movie 12kilometers, check

-Exercise 6- Explanatory Video

This exercise consisted in creating the frames to visually tell the story of a 30-second script provided. The client of this brief is an app to help students choosing their university loans to not fall in overwhelming interest. In my way to approach it, I focused on the stress and pressure these loans can generate and I had fun with the texture of the drawing.


“In 1960, the average college grad had $4000 in student debt. Today, that number is 10X higher with some owing more than $200,000. We think learning shouldn’t be a luxury. Go to to find out more about the New Education”

Everlearn- Frame 1

Everlearn- Frame 2

Everlearn- Frame 3

Everlearn- Frame 4

Everlearn- Frame 5

Everlearn- Frame 6

Everlearn- Roll up

-Exercise 7-

Converse: Logo Revealing

In this exercise, Converse’s logo bumper had to be developed. It would be shown at the beginning of their social media videos and should show the brand’s ethos in a scarce 7 seconds. My way to tackle it consisted in reducing the color palette to a timeless, hip B/W and to show the journey from a spotlight that guides the way to a rock star brand that Converse is.

Converse- Frame 1

Converse- Frame 2

Converse- Frame 3

Converse- Frame 4

Converse- Roll up

-Exercise 8-

IBM Explanatory video

This exercise consisted in creating the frames and the storytelling for a 60-second explanatory video. A case study about smart cities interpreted by IBM. For our task, we had an illustration toolkit by Brian Gosset and a week for developing. My approach consisted in simple shapes while focusing on the transitions that bridged the main points of the script. My final delivery consisted of 90 frames.


"Today’s cities have populations they were not designed to support.
And this causes: Grid-lock on the roads. A lack of affordable housing. And, high energy costs. At IBM, we’re good at solving problems. So we came up with a solution. Imagine… Traffic lights that talk to cars and buses to optimize traffic. Multi-use buildings designed to keep housing affordable. An on-demand-grid intelligently providing power only when needed. We’re working towards a safer, more efficient, more connected city. A smarter city. Find out more at "